ESSB Audio, Hoopla or not, do we need it ?

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ESSB Audio, Hoopla or not, do we need it ?

Post by w4clm » Mon Jan 23, 2006 2:42 am

Hi gang, since many of you are audio experts, maybe you would like to contribute to our thead on the public form at Fox Tango.
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Trying to build up a litttle activity there.
ESSB Audio thread

I hope you wll join us.
Best 73 Carol W4CLM

Near Broadcast Quality Audio, ESSB, Do we really need it?

In my opinion there is nothing in the world wrong with a nice microphone like some of the beautiful microphone now in production by Mr. Bob Heil, like the HM10 or HM20. I talked on and I still use the Astatic D-10 on most all of my vintage tube type equipment. However is it really necessary to have a multi mega buck transceiver with an equalizer attached?

Lets face it, the audio frequency range extends from 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz, with the average person some place in the middle and with the media age of most ham operators being 55+ years of age, they more then likely can't hear all that well to begin with.. Sound can be audible to the human ear or it can be outside the hearing range, as in the case of a dog’s ability to hear way beyond the human ear.

If we look at sound in very general terms, sound waves vary in length according to their frequency. The ability to reproduce these sounds depends on a lot of factors, including not only to point of origin where it begins as in the case of an amateur radio transmitter sound begins at the microphone. In amateur radio we also have other thing to contend with that may have an overall effect on what will be heard on the receiving end. Things such as RF conversion going on in the transmitter and receiver, high frequency noise from atmospheric conditions and then the quality of the transducer on the receiver end (More commonly called a speaker!) and finally things like acoustics of the ham shack. All these things come into play as well as the age of the person listening .

Yes I like a good microphone! But personally I think all this chatter about ESSB is a bunch of hoopla about
nothing (ESSB / Enhanced SSB) when it comes SSB operation on amateur radio. Not to mention other things that come into play like the limited bandwidth typically that of 3kc on SSB.

Well have at it gang. I started the thread, you run with it!

No matter how you feel on the subject of ESSB,
have fun because that is what amateur radio is about.
Take someone under our arm, be an ELMER and be kind to your neighbor
Both on and off the air!!

Best 73
Carol W4CLM
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Post by W0LPQ » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:23 pm


WE don't need no stinkin' HIFI SSB crap ... occupies Bandwidth that is not necessary. Communications audio does not need to extend beyone 3kc period.

Bill, W0LPQ

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Post by w4clm » Tue Jan 24, 2006 10:00 pm

HI Bill, I have a tendency to agree with you. When I made this posting I had no idea it would stir up a hornets nest among these audio enthusiast!
If you don't agree with their claims, you get the boot of the Yahoo Audio Forum and a polite E-mail telling you that you are not a friend of ESSB! As well the thread on took off like a cat on fire! And I can’t believe the ignorance of people who claim they can hear from 20 to 20,000 Hz..

Hey that is not to say, I don’t have any decent microphones around here because I have couple of Bob Heil's costly microphone elements here, because I do. They are beautiful microphones with a beautiful price tag too. But the Art of Radio is just that RADIO! Last time I checked that had something to do with transmitters, receivers, oscillators, basic electronics and Oh and need we forget something called C.W. but what the heck, that's too difficult for the appliance operator in the 21st century, so we won't go there. Yes indeed. If I had any idea that ham radio involved have to run a full blow discothèque in the shack with Strobes, Scanners, Projectors and Stage Lights. I'd be throwing parties in the shack for an admission on Saturday night rather then talking to strangers stroking their equalizers!

To each their own. but it's not radio! All that audio equipment does little to enhance your standing in the community and makes you nothing more then an unemployed D.J.

Carol W4CLM

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Post by N5JFJ » Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:08 pm

:lol: As they say we all have our opinions, but one thing that I have noticed is "THE EXCESSIVE BAND WIDTH" that "SOME" not all..that are experimenting with the Audio "ARE TAKING UP" Lets face it honestly these days, I've seen it Crowded on the Bands, especially 80 Meters and it is rather "SAD" :cry: when you travel way up, or down the band, to find the interference coming from an operator - who seems to spend most all of their time using the band... asking one QUESTION over and over..."Oh Yeah, right on, how do I sound? A good open hearted and HONEST suggestion... might be, that as those that "PRACTICE SUPERB AUDIO" PLEASE REMEMBER...That "OVER DOING THE AUDIO (Or POWER) and EXCESSIVE BAND-WIDTH?...Is NOT GOOD AUDIO either. Maybe those that enjoy this will ask a fellow operator to check and just see..."Man... am I wiping out the band, up and down from me?"
And, If we can't remember... there was always a great difference btween HAM RADIO, and CB? Then REMEMBER that the Day's of "ROGER D - RIGHT ON" ECHO MIC's and REVERB, Channel 19 - GOOD BUDDY and PROFANE FILTHY LANGUAGE...Are not far behind...laughing.... :shock: what am I saying??? In some places on the band... it is already here!
73's and May God Bless you and your Family

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