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Children suffering at 110 (Texas)

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2021 3:09 am
As an amateur radio operator for over 57 years to today's date I have stood on the fire lines of wildfires helping people to evacuate using ham radio. I know what extreme heat feels like. My entire life has been devoted to helping others in times of need. I am sorry to say that as a licensed ham radio operator, I will not help in any disaster communications until the current governing administration recognizes the needs of the children being exploited to gain entry to the U.S during extreme temperatures in Texas. My reasoning for this statement is justified, as why should I do anything if the very same associated agency issuing our licenses refused to visit, and have anything to do with this national disaster. This is not acceptable in any form. It is not political, it is a humanitarian crises. If you agree so comment, but leave politics aside as I am for the children only de KL7IOW. Do you agree as this is a double standard to my life as a ham radio operator?