Looking for a tech near 47516 Indiana

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Looking for a tech near 47516 Indiana

Post by byrnzie » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:44 am

I have a ts 940 acting up need to put it in the right hands to have it gone thru, love this radio, Thx Byrnzie KC9WWM

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Re: Looking for a tech near 47516 Indiana

Post by k9yli » Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:48 pm

Since no replys,. Re post as exactly as possible , the symptoms. this should get you some replys as to the severity of the problem and the likely persons to do the job, or more likely "" they all have that problem,, its easy fix, just..........." or I had that problem and it was ........
always include as much data as available.

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Re: Looking for a tech near 47516 Indiana

Post by AMVET62 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:23 am

The Kenwood 940S is tech friendly for the most part. Most preventative maintenance can be done by even the novice technician. I bought one of these not to long ago and made some needed repairs just by watching online videos on YOUTUBE. Plus I used sources like this website. EBAY is a good source for finding parts. Anyway, if you need some minor repairs perhaps I can help. I have a few questions. Have you owned your 940S very long? Like many, radios these can be problematic if it's not kept clean. I have several radios, all mostly Kenwood. Really if you just get a can of electrical contact cleaner, and are willing to open the radio up. You can go and spray down most the areas that are troublesome, then reset the contacts, and you will fix any electrical shorts. Squirting some electrical contact cleaner into the pods on the controller contacts, then turning the knobs back and forth repeatedly. This will help clean up any issues you may have where knobs don't seem to work properly. Describe to me your issue and maybe I can help you in figuring out what to do. I can maybe let you in on how to do the repair. I did see a website of a guy in Maryland named Dave who works on 940's but he charges $425 for repairs, plus parts. the shipping wouldn't be cheap either. I'm not quite sure how to get ahold of the guy anymore. You can answer me here, and maybe I can help you further. But really, you should be able to fix most any problem by just getting the nerve to open up the radio and do it yourself. Just unplug the unit and stay grounded while you're working on it. I'm sure you'll get it took care of. :)

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