The honest seller.......or is he ?

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The honest seller.......or is he ?

Post by ku3x » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:11 pm

Truth in sales ! How honest are you? Does it make you feel good when you screw the next guy on selling that person something that is defective? Do you sleep well at night?

The last two items I purchased, one off of QTH and the other off of QRZ, were defective. The first item, the problem showed up in 2 minutes The unit was out of calibration and read totally wrong. It was never mentioned in the add. Was it an easy fix? Yes, for me it was but that’s not the point. I had another of the same item so I had a benchmark to go by. But what about the new ham that is just starting out? He will also see in two minutes of less that the item is defective. Did the original owner know it was defective?
If I saw it in 2 minutes, there is no doubt in my mind the seller knew the same.

The next item was kind of expensive. No comment in the write up that it was defective. I put it in service and it had an intermittent issue, again it showed up in a very short time. The seller had to know it was defective, the add was posted for over a week so we know he owned it at least a week. The fix, an 85 cent easy to change connector. I did not even have to take the item apart to change the connector.

If either of the above two hams had mentioned the issue in the add, I would have still purchased the items knowing I could easily fix them. But not every ham can do so. What I mean by that statement is, there are a lot of new hams that are just learning. No offense to seasoned hams.

To those that sell these items: Does it really make you feel good knowing you are selling a defective item and not telling the buyer. Did you get burnt so you feel you MUST take advantage of the next guy? “You are a virus and that’s not good !”

So where do you stand?

“Are you part of the problem or part of the solution ?”

Barry G. Kery, KU3X

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Re: The honest seller.......or is he ?

Post by N9LCD » Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:06 am

Fraud is defined as when "A KNOWINGLYmakes a false statement and B, relying on that statement, acts and suffers a loss.

The hardest problem in any fraud action is proving that the alleged fraudster KNEW his (or her) statement was false.

Try it sometime!

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