HRC-10 Handheld Repeater Controller Manual?

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HRC-10 Handheld Repeater Controller Manual?

Post by KD6RGZ » Mon Feb 18, 2019 2:32 am

Hello there -

Amongst My Old Man's (W5HMV -SK) Ham Shack Schtuff, there is a neat-o, Keen-o Simplex repeater device for use with Handy Talkies. Nameplate is, as posted above, " HRC-10 Handheld Repeater Controller" in 9Volt Battery Compartment, has a label, build date of 5/1994, and "Revision C".

Seems to work, but I have been unable to hack the operation, and the pin assignment of the In/out cable.

Would love to have a Copy of a Manual. Will Pay $10.00, Plus Postage, If Someone out there would be willing.


KD6RGZ, Big Ugly Guy

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