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VSWR Meters?

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:18 pm
I know I am being necromantic here, but:
What is the difference between an HF VSWR meter and a VHF/UHF unit ? Is it the use of higher-frequency diodes? Or, is it also shorter tuning stubs so as not to come near resonance at the higher frequencies? I ask because my R/S 2m/70 cm stopped for a while, and I compared it to my HF meter. The internals looked identical except the stubs' length.
I eventually found dirty switch contacts on the R/S (Silicone spray works Great to fix these ! :D ), but it'd be nice to adapt the other meter to also work VHF/UHF. (I was forced to fix the RS as some fool wanted $85 for another on EBay. Cheapest I could find. The cost goes up exponentially for higher frequency test gear.)