Here's one...

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Here's one...

Post by N9CM » Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:42 pm

I once in a great while post something on Craigslist to either not want to fool with shipping or prefer selling it to someone local to give it a good home.

In recent past, I have posted a couple of radios for sale, one is on there now because I don't want to ship it (mint TS-940SAT with filters) and the other found a home with a really appreciative newbie, which I gave him a power supply and other ancillary stuff to get on the air.

But, repeatedly, I get one liner, incomplete sentence emails from this KC5RHA I suppose inquiring about the item(s) but never making any committment to purchase. Emails like "Mike here" what?
"how old is the radio" - well look up when they came out....duh.
"How long have you had it" - what does that matter??

"Does it work" - uh, check the posting, it was clearly stated and reiterated to be in perfect working order, etc.

Anyway, my inbox gets 2 or 3 of these whenever I post something on CL but this doof never says, I am interested in buying it. Never gives me a phone number or callsign so he could be anybody....

Anyway, I don't get folks like this. Tire kicker? No money" No Clue" Whatever...but this is my last time to post any amateur gear on CL.

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