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Yaesu ft-727R; Radio Shack Realistic HTX-202

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:00 pm

Anybody out there know how to fix or who to send a broken Yaesu and R/S HT to?
My Yaesu seems to have lost factory presets while I attempted to change memory battery. Now, no display, buttons Seem to work. Had worked fine.
The R/S, I seem to have blown final (again it worked fine for years , my SWR was 1.5:1.) Final is Q4; SRFH1900. Can't find a X ref, for this or I'd change it myself.
Of course, Yaesu and R/S won't help me.

73's KC6NEN

Re: Yaesu ft-727R; Radio Shack Realistic HTX-202

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:31 pm
by k9yli
the displays have very tiny contacts.. smaller than a pencil line..and close together. if the display gets just a bit twisted or
slid sideways the contact will be lost. I would eye ball the display very closely,if your lucky go by the dust rilng around it to see if its moved.
I had trouble replaceing battery in a kenwood. first time i rotated the board to make it easier for a lefty to solder.
that reversed the polarity. then i had cold solder joint.. you sure get good practice programming when that happens.
cant help on RS final..

Re: Yaesu ft-727R; Radio Shack Realistic HTX-202

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:29 pm

I argued on another forum, No, its Not the display; it had worked, Ive been a tech 35 years.
And I had not come near the display--but as you describe, I guess its easy to inadvertently tweak One connection.
I sent it to some guy in FL with more experience, Id rather have a good used Yaesu than a new Baedong, If I have my druthers.

The RS , I tried a xover final, no go. There is power from driver. The OEM final is 18-$25 !! Way too much. Now the audio is very weak--again, I did not touch anything. I never xmitted into anything but 50 ohms. But I may have overvoltaged it. They say, not much over 12.5 volts. Even sell regulators for mobile use.. I have been told, nobody fixes HTX 202s. Too bad, I bought it 9 years ago as an incentive to renew/upgrade. An Extra now but no radios!

Re: Yaesu ft-727R; Radio Shack Realistic HTX-202

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:36 pm
Gave away the R/s plus its accessories, 3500 mA LI Ion batteries, too. LIfe is too short to mess with it any longer.

The Yaesu was intermittent, but I got a used one from another site (forget its name but more trading going on). It seems all good but keyboard and Ni Cads (No biggie--put in 2800 ma/Hr LiOh's). I will do a Frankenstein on it and replace keypads into new one. . I really loved the Yaesu when I got it 5 years ago--it would do Split to satellites! My brother threw away two of my Ham radios (One a big Mobile!) and all my battery packs, so I had a funky glued on box with cells for it. Nice to have a clean one with a factory slide -on pack!\

In the meantime, I bought a UV-5R. After I got Chirp to work (an Effort!), it's Great! I simply needed to upgrade the antenna. I am now spoiled on downloading rather than hand-programming.