Tons of Ham Equipment, but clueless as what to sale for!

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Tons of Ham Equipment, but clueless as what to sale for!

Post by Wwalcher » Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:52 pm

Tons of Ham Equipment to sale, but clueless as what to price! My father recently passed, and he was a die hard Ham operator enthusiast. I have been researching a lot of the items found, but still in the dark, because I have talked with a few ham operators on Facebook, and the prices they each have me on a Kenwood TS 440 and a 430 I have were so out in left field, so would really love some insight from someone who knows their stuff. Thank you in Advance Willie.w.
Here's items I'm selling
Prostar 400 10m am/fm/Ssb mobile radio
Kenwood TS 430s HF transceiver
Kenwood TS 440s HF transceiver
Icon trAnsceiver IC-2000
President HR 2510
Hand held morse code tutor
MFJ-921 vhf dual band tuner
Tr12 transceiver
MAHA MH-a301 docking booster power amplifier
Also have antennas, mics, cords and some manual books. Sorry if this is not allowed, as I stAted above, I'm new, and just don't wanna get screwed on prices

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Re: Tons of Ham Equipment, but clueless as what to sale for!

Post by k9yli » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:06 pm

If he was somewhat local to you,, figure out if he belonged to a ham club.
then go to the clulb meetng and see if he had some friend that would help out with
the sale. even help taking it to a ham fest. many of those come up in the spring.

also got to ... forums ... for sale .... and search or look for said items
and get ballpark prices. of course realize some think they are gold plated.

I sold may things from an estate on QRZ...

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