QSW.Me & CQ-QSO Websites Are Open & Ready For Use!

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QSW.Me & CQ-QSO Websites Are Open & Ready For Use!

Post by WB9SBD » Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:35 am

QSW.Me & CQ-QSO Websites Are Open & Ready For Use!

QSW.Me is a web site that it's sole purpose is to make up schedules so one amateur and another amateur can meet at a specific time and frequency in an attempt to make a contact for whatever purpose the contact is needed.

Yeah, yeah, another scheduling page. But not so fast! This page operates a LOT differently than the dozen others out there.

Are you still looking for that missing state for your 5 band work all states? Or that last county you need to finish your worked all Wisconsin counties? Grid squares? Zones? You bet!

The DX spotting clusters, networks, and all other types of alerting systems work great to alert you when a certain station appears on a certain frequency. But you have to also be there ready for when they indeed do appear. When does that happen, and on what frequency? Who knows? Also mainly these are only good for DXing chases. But if you need Montana for a W.A.S., They won't be helping too much.

Then there are the chat room versions, where you have to monitor the chat room, waiting and hoping that a station you want actually happens to join in on the chat. You both have to happen to be there at the exact same time to be able to find each other. What are the odds of that happening. Pretty low. Yes it does happen. But I wonder what the percentage is of missed possible QSO's could have been because the guy you needed just 5 min ago left the room?

Or the message boards. Say a guy from North Dakota posted that he is available, a year ago, how do you look through all the hundreds of postings to find him. Even if his posting still exists on the server. Good luck!

Or you can join in one of the live on the air nets in the hope a station you would like to contact actually shows up. And if they do, then have to sit there waiting your "turn" to try to contact them. This often can take hours before your "turn" comes around.

But again this is all random. You just have to be lucky that the station you need is also right NOW in that chat room, or the net, or being spotted on the spotting systems.

With this new web site all this "chance" is removed!

When you join, you will end up filling out a station profile. This profile will store the location of your station, every band you can operate on, and on each band what modes you can operate. Yes it is a somewhat tedious data entry, but at least you only have to do it once. Or make changes when your stations capabilities change.

From then on it is really simple.

Say you need Wyoming on 15 meters for your 5BWAS. You simply go to
the web site and indicate the filters.

For example you choose:

North America
15 meters

then hit search and the web site will display every station that it has as a member, that is in Wyoming, and that is capable of operating on 15 meters.

You will also be able to perform detailed searches. As an example:

North America
Sauk County
40 meters
Must do LOTW for QSLing

If someone from there meets all those parameters has registered, the web site will display them!

Once displayed there will be contact information on how to get in touch with them to make your schedule.

We even have a "Tool" that you have access to, that will aid your decision of what time is the "Best" Time to try to make the QSO, As an example, say On 40 meters, when is the best time that a Station in Wisconsin can contact a Station in Arizona? We can tell you that!

Once a schedule is made we even have a chat room available to meet on at the time of the schedule, which is nice for the harder paths. Kinda of a "can you hear me now" thing. To see if either station is getting any traces of signal and then keep trying. Or give up and try again at a different time.

Everyone that joins, gets their own personal "Message Board"

There are forums also available for your use.

As we are a new site we know when you join right now that there will be very few people to contact. But please still do fill out a profile. It is the only way this will eventually work. The web site needs as many as possible to fill out profiles and become a part of this effort. If people do not join, this will not work.

It takes a small amount of effort to fill out the profile. And then you never need to even look at it again, unless you change your stations capabilities. Just go to the web site front page..


And watch the introduction video to see how to sign up, and then actually do searches.

And this is all FREE!
We hope you join us on this new effort to make it easier to find those hard to find contacts.

The QSW.Me Team
QSW.Me The Place To Find
That Contact You Need And
CQ-QSO Just To Make QSO's

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