Rant: Don't get it...

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Rant: Don't get it...

Post by n7rst » Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:43 pm

No skin off my back but I don't get it...
You put out a post for a want item, I get a message from K5xxx (whose call I won't bother listing) offering something. I ask how much and any pics in a reply as it may be something I can use as an alternate, and I never hear from him again. Nada.

Out of courtesy, I send him another email just to follow up in case something did actually occur in cyberspace, again, no response. I don't care one way or the other but why do folks do that? I have never understood that, and that applies to for sale, swaps, etc. items on the boards; are people that flighty or what?

If I am interested in something for sale, I may pose a question to the seller, payment type accepted, any pics, etc. but generally, I don't contact them if I am not serious about purchasing or swapping something.

A related peeve I have is with individuals that post an item for sale, it gets sold and they never address the original posting (i.e. delete it, update it, etc.) so when you run a search you hit on it and have no idea the status. I emailed a chap about something recently, "yeah, I need to update that posting". Well, 2 months later, still there. It frustrates me in the regard that I am contacting a dead end and don't need to, and possibly in the future, may end up doing it again by accident....

Update your posts folks, delete, or edit them. It is helpful to clean up some of the classified forums out here.

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Re: Rant: Don't get it...

Post by ku3x » Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:39 am

All good points and I have to agree. I'd like to add two things.
Why put a picture unside down in a post? Does that person think it will sell faster when doing that.
What it does to me is drive me away. I figure if the person is that dumb that they have no idea how to use a simple camera, then they probably had no idea how to operate the item(s) they are selling.
No way am I going to purchase anything in that post.

Another one is, "No price on what they are selling." That usually means it is way over priced so no use wasting anymore time with that add.


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