New to the world of ham

Just what it says -- this is the place for any discussions not related to Buying, Selling and Trading ham gear. The discussion must be related to Ham Radio.
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New to the world of ham

Post by cerberus » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:49 pm

Good afternoon all, My name is Ron and call sign is KD9AIJ got my letters about a month ago. So I'm looking for a good starter radio for my vehicle any recommendations out there? Been looking at the classifed's and have seen a few but wanting to get some input from others on a good used radio that will do either 2m or 2m/440. Need to get my feet wet before jumping on a bigger radio.Like I said this is all new to me. Thanks in advance. Ron

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Re: New to the world of ham

Post by k9yli » Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:37 pm

first of all its ' Ham radio' or amateur radio.. Its not any kind of acronym.
And anyone elses recommendations are just there opinions. not necessarily fact based.
Read the ads for several types of radios. But then ,In my opinion they are all pretty much alike.
I have several Kenwood Tm-xxx and an Icom 2720 dual bander, and kenwood tm742 twin band. ( dual band has 2 radios inside, that can be used as v-v or v-u or u-v or u-u.) twin band is just 2 radios in a box, one is Vhf and one Uhf. 2m and 440.
I can program kenwoods from memory, the icom i need to re-read the book.
It takes experience to decide what you like.
My advice, just buy one you can afford, if you don't like it trade or buy another.
I have multiple rigs.
One in each vehicle, one in each of daughters vehicles, 3 locations in the house. (skywarn)
and multiple collected handi talkies. Most cost less than $100..

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