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BTI LK 2000

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 6:00 pm
by KT9D
I am looking for someone who has a schematic for the BTI LK 2000 console model that has 4 fuse holders...filament and HV are in same transformer...chimney with tube. BTI made several versions of this amp using the 3-1000Z tube and I have yet to come up with the manual/schematic for mine. If you can help...please email me. Thanks. de KT9D


Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:20 am
by wa4cch
hi go to scroll down to bottom of the page and download your manual

your welcome

Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 4:45 am
by wa4cch
hi just wondering did the site work for you ???