Wonder whar ever happened to my SASEs?

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Wonder whar ever happened to my SASEs?

Post by W9LCL » Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:55 am

I mail QSLs out to most hams I share QSOs with, and always include a SASE. I do this to show that their QSL card is important to me and that I am willing to bear the costs of mailing both ways. About 15-20% of the hams are kind enough to use the envelopes to send their own cards back. I am just wondering about the other 80-85% who never respond by mail or otherwise. Does my address get whited-out and the envelope and postage get used to pay their utility bill or what? If someone would rather not send their QSL, it would be OK if they sent mine back--they do have my SASE. We can both pretend the QSO never happened. It makes it extra hard to earn a WAS award when there is no confirmation. Am I being unreasonable or are a lot of hams acting just plain rude? I value your feedback, so PSE QSL.

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Re: Wonder whar ever happened to my SASEs?

Post by k9yli » Sat Sep 28, 2013 2:49 pm

Best idea is ask on the air if they QSL.. ................ I seldom qsl anyone.
I just dont care if i get cards. I have no one to impress with a bunch of cards.
If they are in my log , I'm happy.
And what shoud they do..I suppose they could send back the empty envelope,
or as you say, send back your card. Wasted postage either way..
Better to white out the address and use the postage for some use.

Finally .....don't bother to QSL, unless you have agreed on the air..

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