Why is it....

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Why is it....

Post by w0bkr » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:43 pm

why is it when someone lists something for sale, you contact them about it, to inquire, ask, etc and you never hear back? Why bother posting an item for sale if you don't have the courtesy to even respond to potential buyers/traders? Why not use Ebay and be done with it?

I don't get it.

Frequently, I send an e-mail thru the forum's communication system and to the email on record off QRZ to ask a question, make an offer, etc. and NADA, etc. I think I will start using Ebay myself to find stuff.
Just seems folks are not really serious about selling an item or lack common courtesy to respond. A good way to "not" sell something....

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Re: Why is it....

Post by kg8lb » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:34 pm

There are a few circumstances where folks may not get a response . Firstly , if the question is asked in a rude or condescending manner , some folks realize they don't care to answer , let alone have dealings with that person . Another is when people make low-ball offers after someone clearly states his price , especially when "firm" follows the price . Some folks don't post pics and don't feel any need to respond to photo requests . Another is the custom shipping quote requests .

Not saying these are MY reasons , just a few possibles .
OK, So where are the filters now ?

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Re: Why is it....

Post by n7rst » Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:39 pm

Continues...got contacted by K5TBO about swapping a radio. Sent him info, asked for pics, etc. for verification and poof. Disappears. Does one think another op will just forward a piece of equipment without seeing and/or verifying the other party's hardware, ownership, etc?

I don't get it, but then again, I tend to check folks out a bit more then just one email.

So who knows...I have no idea what this fellows real intentions were, possibly harmless, just a window shopper...who knows...but sure wastes folks' time...

KNow what you want, and go for it or do some homework...

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Re: Why is it....

Post by N9LCD » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:45 pm



Not all of us are professional hams who can sit in front of their computer(s) and rig(s) 24/7. Some of have familial responsibilities that take precedence over our hobbies!

A few years ago, I posted an item "FOR SALE" at 9:30 PM "Central" time and then shutdown for the night. The next day i had two emails from a ham. The first, sent about 30 minutes after my post, was an offer to "buy" at my asking price. The second, sent about an hour after his first, was a profanity-laced tirade starting "What's the matter? I sent you a email an hour ago and you haven't answered. What are you up to? Did you sell it for more?" NOTE: Profanity omitted.

The item in question? A pair of used, untested RCA 808 transmitting triodes in sockets mounted on a small metal plate!!!!!

He didn't get a reply, much less a pair of 808's!

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Re: Why is it....

Post by n7rst » Wed May 06, 2015 6:44 pm

I think it is called courtesy...if you entertain buying something, find out about the item for sale and make a decision....no time limit...no one is chomping at the bit, but to tell someone you want to make a deal, etc. and then disappear, why bother in the first place if you haven't checked it thru the wife first...

I know what I am looking for when posting a WTB. If contacted, simple. I ask (Again) for a pic, price and contact info to check the individual out or at least to discuss the items real condition, etc. Then, I commit or pass. That is pretty simple. I have never expected to do a transaction, buying or selling, swapping/trading in an hour, or day, etc. Very slim chance that would happen anyway, as I don't "jump" on anything without checking things out.

But why bother contacting someone and/or disappear. Simple to say, thanks for your time, info, etc. and let them know you are moving on. No big deal. All a part of communication.

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