Yaesu FT-726 Module problem

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Yaesu FT-726 Module problem

Post by oz2da » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:38 pm

Hi there.

I'm pussled about a fault in a module in the Yaesu FT-726.
It's the 435 MHz module ( 70 cm band ), when operating in this module, and using the dial to change frequency, noises are audioble in the speaker, like clicks from the vfo or vco that a filter should have taken care of. But it doesn't.
The "funny" thing is that it doesn't have this problem with the 145 MHz module.
My friend ( who is educated in this stuff with radios, and a radioamateur too ) and I have tried to replace the parts in this filter in the module, but that doesn't help.

Any one having ideas to where to look ?
I've read about the hex converter, could it be that ?

Dennis Andersen

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Re: Yaesu FT-726 Module problem

Post by WA9WVX » Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:17 am

Hi Dennis,

I have two basic questions:

# 1 With the FT-726R on the operating desk, disconnect the coaxial cable off of the UHF 430 Module Antenna connector and turn your VFO knob 50 to 200 KHz listening for the same noise to appear as if you had the anrenna connected. Does the problem still exist?

# 2 Have you swapped the UHF 430 Module into another slot as the standard configuration was set up with the VHF 144 Module mount to the left, the UHF 430 Module just next to the VHF 144 Module and then either a HF 21~28 Module or a VHF 50 Module or a UHF 440 Module in the last slot. Try swapping the UHF 430 Module into the third slot to see if the problem follows the transverter with Antenna coaxial cable connected or the original mounting slot wiring harness / edge connector.


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