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Post by N9LCD » Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:24 am


Another attempt at erecting an outdoor antenna went down the drain. Our house (we're the second owners) wasn't "built as drawn". We don't know what's where inside the walls or under the roof for drilling through or hammering into.

I'm thinking of running 100 watts on 2 meters into a VHF-UHF mobile antenna on a deep window sill with a sheet metal under the base as a ground plane. The lintel ABOVE the window is steel and the exterior of the window frame is metal-clad.

QUESTION: I know what texts say about metal objects near an antenna affecting the antenna. In my case, what might happen and how badly would my signal be affected?

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Post by k9yli » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:17 pm

just how are you trying to exit the house with antenna cable.
from basement,, or from a room on firts floor. ??

I have done this with no real permanent damage to house.
Last house iln wyo.. I used a 2 footlong. 3/8th bit.
drilled thru wall just above baseboard.. dirll will wrap up insulation so back up and use pencil to make hole thruough that.
drill down hill as much as possible so hole thru siding is down hill.. keeps rain out.
then run cable along wall or up to eaves . how ever you need to.
if or when you move, just a quick fill and paint on the drywall inside and
calk and paint the hole in the siding. hardly noticable......

from basement drill just above the bottom plate through to out side.
tube of calk to fill around cables to water/bug proof.

At this house I have now, brick front, so drilled 2 inch hole above plate and then used 1 1/4 grey elect. pvc and LB box to right angle down to
long sweep 90 degree. then under ground to tower location.

You will need a stud finder.. drilling through a wall right at the stud is not good..

give us more detail as just how and where you need to exit the house..

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Post by wa8mea » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:07 pm

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Post by k9yli » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:27 pm

With MEAs idaea. cut a piece of wood just the wire size bigger than the
window sill.. thats about an inch and half.. (lay the 2x4 on flat side)
drill at top edge.
that way the window wount be open so far at the middle where you would have to seal/insulate...

If you are real gutsy.. just open the window, use the side of a twist drill, and
cut the bottom of the window so there is a groove the size of the wire.
shut the window on the wire. maybe notch the sill slightly..
when you move a little wood filler on the window will hide it when its closed.

or pulll the bottom window frame piece off, dril thru the wall. replace frame with new wood piece.. with appropriate holes driled..
save original to replace when moving. it wil cover the hole in the wall and match the original trim..

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