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Smokeless ?

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:09 pm
Did all of the hams in the world QUIT SMOKEING ?
I see all of these ads Never smoked around,
In a smoke free house, and so on. Show me someone that will tell the TRUTH
I have 16 layers of smoke on this if you want it, You clean it up!
I bought a radio that had been in a smokeless house. But when I got it,
it had smoke on it from WORLD WAR II.

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:24 pm
by kg8lb

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:01 pm
by N4XTS
Smoke is caustic, the nicotine film attracts dust and thus, static discharges and heat buildup. Imagine what the choker's lungs look like if the radio is soaked with the urine colored film through and through.

KG8LB...not sure what you are talking about re: "the current administration"

if you are referring to President Obama, he himself is a SMOKER! So I don't think he has any business preaching "morals" and "clean living" when the Marlboro Man (Marlboro Reds to be specific) are usually found in his pocket. He did pledge he would not turn the White House urine yellow and only puff outside, but like all drug addicts, the addict will put the dependency above all else. This includes sacrificing health, cleanliness, impact of others in their "smog field", and of course their personal effects (radio equipment and anything else included).

With cancer sticks going to 9 dollars a pack, it isn't going to sway and addict from getting their fix. They will do what they have to do.


Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 11:10 am
by annemary100
Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. Tobacco smoking is today by far the most popular form of smoking and is practiced by over one billion people in the majority of all human societies. Less common drugs for smoking include cannabis and opium. Most drugs that are smoked are considered to be addictive. Some of the substances are classified as hard narcotics, like heroin and crack cocaine, but the use of these is very limited as they are often not commercially available.