Deals gone bad or equipment gone bad or bad equipment??

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Deals gone bad or equipment gone bad or bad equipment??

Post by k4kk » Thu Jan 08, 2004 3:26 am

Deals gone bad happen. They always leave a bad taste. I got screwed a few years ago by a ham in AZ to the tune of $1500. He's still around and one of these days.....

Sometimes bad equipment is misrepresented. That is just as bad a scam as not paying or not delivering. We all need to learn to be fair in evaluating equipment. My own scale is:
10=new in box
9=outstanding, like new (mint)
8=excellent, can tell it was used but not abused
7=good, signs of wear, may be paint chips, no dents or cuts
6=average, all there but some scuffs
5=below average, still all there but held together with duct tape or
bailing wire
4=poor, knobs cracked or major dents in the case
3=bad, some pieces damaged but repairable
2=basket case, consider it for parts
1=bucket case, hope to find useable parts in this mess
0=donated equipment for tax purposes of VERY high value

Another problem that often rears its head is that of equipment gone bad. Folks need to realize that a huge majority of electronic failures occur during the transition from ON to OFF to ON. That is why "not DOA" is an important consideration in used gear. If it arrives and turns on, it has managed to make it through a major and important transition. Longer warranty periods are not fair to the seller. Usually he/she is looking to "invest" the money in new equipment or other family expenses. Therefore, it gets gone quickly. They don't have the inclination to await the end of a 30 day test period. In addition, there is no control of the buyer's habits. Did the radio get tested into an open connection? Did the microphone get tested in the bathtub? Was lightning involved? Were there any survivors in the fire? And on and on.

For almost all of us, this is a hobby. Hence the name AMATEUR radio. I have certain unpleasant wishes for those that screw us. I wish their xxxxxxx's would fall off, etc.!! But, we need to remember that the huge majority of us are honest. Most of us try to help each other. Sometimes things go wrong - - it doesn't have to be a matter of dishonesty!

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