watch out for these guys ---- scammers

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watch out for these guys ---- scammers

Post by w3nrl » Fri Dec 07, 2007 4:34 am

Watch out for these guys !!!!!!!

Hi seller,
I'm an agent and i wish to buy this item from your hand , i saw the item on this site and i am ok with buy it now auction sale of the item...

I would like to send you a US Money Order for the sales of your item
1. Do you accept a money order as a mode of payment?
2. Will you be able to send the excess fund back to the shipping company for the arrangement of the pick up of this item from your house down to my client via western union money transfer in the same day you recieve and cash the money order,this is because the excess fund is the money that the shipping company will use for the pick up of the item from your house down to my client base.

Therefore, seller if you agree with this , i want you to send:
Name ( this will be on the Money Order ) - Mailing Address ( Not a P.O Box Address ) - Cell Phone or Home Phone Numbers - Email addresses.
Upon recieving the above mentioned information,I shall instruct my Secretary to issue you the payment and have it mailed out within the next few hours. Thanks so much and God bless you.

watch out for these guys
i've several of them contact me about my ad
Best of 73
de w3nrl

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