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Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:36 am
Here is a prime example! I almost bought into it until this stage:

Thanks for your quick reply towards my interest in your W9GR DSP unit,so i'll love to pay $50,co's i think is worth it in that specify price,and i am ok with that ok.

Consecutively,for the means of payment am using Money Order,co's it will turn out to real cash,so the money-order will be Delivered to you Packagely by Courier your Door-step,and for the shipping of the W9GR DSP unit,I'll instruct my Shipper's to come and pick it up at your own comfortable time.And i do promise you that you will definitely enjoy doing business with me.

Furthermore,my Client is Residing in US,he will be Issuing a Money-Order Sum of $1,000 and, you will be deducting your own money
from it which is $50, and you will be sending the remaining balance to my Shipper's..
Moreso,let me have your Full name which the Money Order will be made payable to your mailing address where it will be sent to, including
your Cell Phone Number or any Number that i will be able to reach you at given time.I hope this is stated to you Clearly and
understanding, Stay Bless...

PS:I will want you to kindly put SOLD on the advert from the placing site..ok, or any interested buyer that mail you,just let them know that it has been sold...ok,so for doing that i will be willing to compensate you with $90 ,so your total deduction will be:$140.
Jerry Dave................

Hmmm....seems like a good deal right?!!


Im sure they change all the time but be aware!!