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Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2003 7:14 pm
by NX5Z
After reading the important tips listed in this section and understanding that these bits of advice might help, however, they are no assurance of success.

When I sent a guitar in trade to Tony Vaughn (KD4CPS),

1) I had his address
2) I had his phone number
3) He was a ham
4) His call was listed on
5) I talked with him on the phone

Mistakes I made:

1) I sent the guitar to him 1st and didn't have any method to 'prove' that he received it (like certificate of recept). His kids later admitted he received it over the phone (as did he), but he stated he had 'already sent the radio' as trade, which, of course never showed up.

Things I could not have known:

1) He left his wife an moved out of that address within a week after he received the guitar and his 'wife' told me not to call anymore!

2) He was a thief!

Any other ideas? Makes me scared to trade on line!

73, Bro. Sam, NX5Z