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My Opinion

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:04 pm
by kb0nly
Having bought and sold many items on various online classifieds and as of recently Ebay there are a few items i would like to stress. And some of them are the same as others have mentioned.

1. Seller is NOT a Ham, DON'T BUY!!

2. Statements in the listing such as, worked the last time i used it, selling it for a friend or family member, powers up but unsure how to test, appears to work fine but i'm not able to test, etc etc. Its like the used car dealership telling you that it was owned by an elderly couple and only driven on sundays to church and the local coffee house.

3. Look up the callsign of the seller on QRZ or use the FCC ULS database and get the address and phone number, call the seller on the landline not a cellular number that could be anyone, and last but not least only send payment (or ship to if you are the seller or your trading) to the address that is listed on QRZ or the FCC ULS database unless the seller/trader can provide accurate proof that his/her address is other that what is stated on the mentioned sources.

4. Insurance on a package is essential no matter how good the item is packed or what shipping service is used. If the seller/trader did not mention insurance then make it a point to discuss it. If your a seller clearly state if insurance is included in the shipping cost and what value the item has been insured for, also as a seller myself i make it a point to let the buyer know that insurance is optional but recommended because of its worth, not to mention that purchasing insurance on a package is CHEAP! However, if you make insurance optional and the buyer does not want it insured (cant imagine why but they say the customer is always right) than be sure to state that any uninsured packages are AS-IS and not the seller's responsibility if the item becomes damaged. However, seller's should not make less of an effort in securely packing the item no matter if insured or not.

5. SEND PAYMENT BY SECURE METHOD!!! I can't stress that one enough, when dealing person to person and funds need to change hands your best bet is to use a USPS POSTAL MONEY ORDER for your protection in the case that the money order is lost in the mail or the seller does not deliver the goods. Some banks offer fraud protection on there checking accounts but there is many many many legal loopholes that your claim can fall through. Cashier's checks are the second best method, but send them in a registered mail envelope from the post office and be sure that the post office marks it for signature confirmation when received. That way there is no dispute as to the supposed delivery of the funds, once its signed on the other end it has been received under the eyes of the law, and that can not be disputed. Be sure to keep your money order receipt, registered mail and delivery and signature confirmation receipts until you have received the item you purchased. Good record keeping can eliminate most problems.

6. ALWAYS ASK ALL QUESTION BEFORE MAKING ANY PLANS OF PURCHASING!! I have this problem a lot on Ebay, although clearly stated in the auction listing PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING, A WINNING BID IS A CONTRACT TO PURCHASE. Some people still bid and than start asking 20 questions, or even worse wait until they have won the auction and start asking questions before they will send payment. Understand that a seller will leave a Non-Paying Bidder (NPB) for a reason, its not that we hate you, its not that we want revenge, its simply because listing something on Ebay costs the seller money and once the auction has ended we as the seller are also charged a fee based on the final bid amount, the more expensive the item goes the more we have to pay for the auction, and if you win but dont pay we have to follow the Ebay procedure to recover those lost funds. Ebay procedure calls for contacting the buyer by email, phone, and even mail, we are also required to wait seven days from the end of the auction before we can file a NPB, and then have to wait another seven days before we can file for a refund of auction fees. That's two weeks of being knee deep in filing complaints and arguing with the buyer that wont pay but doesnt want the NPB or negative feedback left against him.


That's my rant.


Scott, KB0NLY

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 5:16 pm
by kc5lhr
Good advice, especially the part about buying only from fellow hams. I have never had a bad deal with a ham. Ebay is a jungle though and you can get messed up real quick if you don't ask the right specific questions BEFORE the auction as you said.


Bob, kc5lhr

Safe buying ...

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 6:29 pm
by KE3GK
Excellent suggestions Scott ... ones to remember ...