Ripoffs Lately

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Ripoffs Lately

Post by wr0t » Sat May 31, 2003 5:05 am

Well, I have been seeing posts about a lot of ripoffs lately.

The last time I posted something along these lines, i received lots of nasty grams, so please just save your time and mine by not sending them, I already know the gripers feelings.

Things to RUN AWAY FROM.

Part of an estate and tested or untested.....

Selling for a friend.

Way too cheap ????? RUN NOW.......

No license yet........ Run even faster

Call me on my cell as I am seldom home. Looks like a drifter to me.

PO Box for an address.

Check the call on QRZ, no call ? RUN EVEN FASTER

Check the call and get the address and use a search engine to find the phone number and call the person.

Won't give you a phone number? Don't run, hop a jet and fly away...

Doesn't always work but it does most of the times...........

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Post by KA9FOX » Tue Jun 03, 2003 5:30 am

Sounds like common sense advice to me!! Bravo.
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Ripoffs of late.

Post by wr0t » Tue Jun 10, 2003 11:12 pm

Well, I just felt inspired to post another note. These days I am really getting lerry of some deals. I recently had a non ham shirt tail dealer offer me a piece of Icom gear that I needed for my collection and I was most interested.

We talked on the phone a few times and the deal sounded good, maybe a little too good in fact so I started making some inquiries on the guy with various search engines. I found a lot of bad stuff under about 5 different CB handles and internet posts.

Next the "business" was sort of an alley CB shop near a major interstate, no record of business license etc. A call to the local government of the city told me that they were not aware of any such shop but there were aware of a guy with a similar name but would not explain.

So I proposed a deal with him. I would buy the rig but it must be shipped to a dealer friend of mine in TN for inspection and I would overnight a cashiers check to the dealer with a prepaid airbill to send to him if the radio was as described.

Well guess what? I got the cussing of my life and I am 61 years old and I didn't even know some of the words that I was called.

So I saved about 2000.00 as I doubt there was ever really a NOS Icom 775 DSP for sale by him.

So once again, what was learned here?

Only deal with a HAM period, forget the rest, it is just not worth it.

Look at the license class ( hold the flames) what would a CBer or a Tech be doing with a Icom 756 PRO II or 775DSP, KW 950 SDX Etc. ? Sounds like a fish story to me.

Talk to at least 3 references about the seller.

Get in writing that you have a 48 hour inspection priv. and if not as described, all money is to be returned by cashiers check.

Use a 3rd party escrow on large sums of money the piece of mind is well worth the 100.00 or so invested for the comission.

Will I still buy small stuff? Probably but I will still be careful.
If the seller gets insulted, well so be it, tough, it is your green and he can take that one of a kind rig to a flea market or put it on Ebay if he can't stand to answer some things.
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