Noticed a trend

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Noticed a trend

Post by KC9ANQ » Sun May 29, 2005 1:45 pm

I noticed a trend on ebay, I will place a radio on ebay and will get questions to sell to Italy or France,,,,,,,,hmmmmm what do I care I will ship there if they pay,,,,,,,next thing you know I am getting spammed that my paypal account or ebay account is about to be closed unless I "click here" and update my information.

Do not even reply to these questions, state it on your ebay ad if you do or do not ship international and let it ride. I have since been watching ebay radio ads and see the EXACT same questions being posted on several radio ads.

Just an FYI that I noticed because I have 3 different ebay accounts, well one is my wifes and one is for selling and buying other "crap" hahaha,,, besides radio stuff and then my radio account which is my call sign, I mean we like to see call signs so we know exactly who we are buying from. Any how I digress,,,,,,,,I used all 3 accounts just to experiment a radio sale and all 3 got the same EXACT email and replied with 2 of them and then the account info scams started arriving, the third one had no scam mails


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PHIShing" Emails

Post by k3ich » Mon May 30, 2005 12:47 pm

From what I hear, these emails are called "PHISING", and are an obvious attempt to obtain your personal information. EBay has stated that they will NEVER ask for this info via a click-on link. If you need to re-enter or change it you will always have to go to the eBay site as a separate address.

However, you may not be aware that both eBay and Pay-Pal have email addresses for which to forward these phising emails. Just click "forward" and enter "spoof @" or "spoof @" as the forwarding addess. They claim they're doing something about it, but like the previous posting, I get 2 - 6 of these every day! I dump every one I get to the spoof addresses. Maybe if enough of us do this, it might spur them to action.
73, Charlie k3ICH

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