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A meet and pay method

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:13 pm
by AB1YE
I recently purchased several expensive items with "meet and pays"
Each time I met the seller at a branch of my bank, I inspected the item, gave him a check with his name and the unit's serial # on the it, he signed the back, handed it to the teller, and she handed him cash. All in a minute or two. He had cash, I had the rig. The exchange was in a nice, safe, quiet location.
The check had his name and signature showing who I bought it from.

If it is your bank the seller does not need an account there, and there is no hold time.

The serial # is important. I know a person that bought a machine that turned out stolen. While the check lead back to the seller, it only showed he sold a machine, not that he sold the "hot" machine. He was let go, and the person could not get his money back from him.