Hello On the Scams

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Hello On the Scams

Post by K1WEY » Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:52 am

I really wish I would have Read this article a While ago , Well on 2/25/05 I deposited (2) USPS Postal money orders from David Morgam And Yesterday I got a Call from my bank telling me they were Counterfiet, So that is $2000.00 Dollars that I"m out .Then before I knew that they were Counterfiet He Sent me another Cashiers check for $3000.00 And the bank held that one .But I never knew that USPS Postal money orders could have been Counterfiet.Well anyway he had me Western Union the Money to Henry Walter in the UK . for the 1200.00 SO I"m out the $2000.00 Now I'm all done on the Net selling and Buying , But I have been taken several times before ,But it was my Play money and not as much of a hit.This was my Family Money not my Play Money .I don't see how one Human could do this to another . But I hope that you are really careful.Good Luck to you all .I have sent my Info to the Postmaster here and to The attorney generals office I hope they get him /
Wey Benway

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Post by K4ICL » Sat Apr 02, 2005 4:19 am

NEVER do business with someone who:
  • Is NOT a verified licensed ham.

    Refuses to pay you in CASH using Western Union, if a foreign buyer.

    Is not willing to wait for checks, and money orders to completely clear all banks and clearing houses prior to your shipping items.

    Has a free or easy to get (read easy to change!) email address.

    Requires you to work through a third party.

    Has no verifiable telephone number.
If ever in doubt, don't do the deal. The deal could do you.

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