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PayPal or Money Order??

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:10 pm
I see a lot of conflicting opinions for when dealing with folks. I myself, have noticed it is just as easy to get burned, if not easier when using paypal. Example, person sets up fake paypal account with all of the proper "looking" information. They add the ham to the account as a secondary, and make the sales. They clear out the account then disappear. The the holds?! Who wants to have their money put on hold while things are sorted out?

I LIKE the idea of postal money orders because for one, the funds are good and can be verified through the USPS web site. Second, as a buyer you can track the money order right online and see if it has been cashed / deposited. Third, you have to have VALID PHOTO ID to cash a money order and walk into a post office to cash it. Unless you deposit it, which means you have to have a valid bank account in the name the money order is written out to which requires documentation. What this means is, you KNOW that the person cashing the money order is the person they say they are at least. I also like the fact that if something does happen there are laws that protect people. With paypal, you may or may not get money back but who knows?

Anyways, I am selling some of my things off I haven't used in a few years, and the above are not FACT, just simply my inexperienced opinion and what I have been able to put together using research and using some common sense. What does everyone think?