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Scammer Alert

Post by n3eei » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:14 pm

I posted a "WANT TO BUY" for an FT-1500. I have received 2 emails for someone posing as KF2YD. Following are the tips that exposed the would be scammer;

-No email address on QRZ for KF2YD.
-In both emails he requested that payment "would be better by western union".
-I asked for pics w/a call sign displayed on a QSL card or on a hat, he photo shopped
in a hand written call and name in the lower right side of the pic.
-The pic he sent I EASILY found by doing a google search for "pics of an FT-1500" and found the EXACT pic on the first page of the pic search.
-The real KF2YD has no listed phone number on the white pages search/look up page.

Needless to say I told the guy in a return email that he is busted, and included the link to the radio pic from Google. The I thanked him with a sarcastic "THANKS FOR PLAYING!! GAME OVER" reply. I would bet the real KF2YD has NO IDEA that any of this is occurring, so if any of you know Frank, please contact him so he knows this is happening!!

Dan ( N3EEI )

p.s. here is a copy of the second email from the scammer to me ;

Sure too many scammers, here is a photo for your view and my call written on a sheet. i think a western union will be faster and easier for me to cash over here you can take the sending fee out of my pay. thanks and regards 73;s

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