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Counterfeit postal money orders, cashiers checks

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 6:14 pm
by w8jn
Alert, the Nigerians have gotten more sophisticated. They now hire unsuspecting people in the USA to process their transactions. You no longer deal with Nigerians. You are now dealing with a little old grandma from bumbleburg USA. She has mo idea she is the frontman for the Nigerian scam. Any form of currency (pmos cashiers checks etc) can be counterfeited. The usps has recently announced a rash of counterfeit pmos. The Nigerian Scam always sends fake money orders, and they look real good. On one occassion, I received a fake Paypal notice of funds sent. I checked my real Paypal account and confirmed , no deposit. Any paper you receive needs to clear your bank before you send anything. NEVER SEND CASH BACK for a cashiers check that is over the the required amount. That is ALWAYS a scam.