New seller, need advice...

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New seller, need advice...

Post by WD8LKD » Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:48 pm

I am a new seller and have had an offer on a unit I'm selling. The persons call sign and name check out, he has a call sign and a California address, and a call sign in South Korea... this is what he sent most recently...

Thank you for the photos and I appreciate you'd provide your valuable time to photo.
I decide to buying your 32S3 and wish to have your banking information with shipping cost to Seoul, South Korea.
UPS or DHL will be good and USPS-Express also good for me.
Would you check to courier and inform me please.
Thank you. 73

Best Regards,

My question is, how do I protect myself and what questions/changes should I ask for?

Thanks - David WD8LKD

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Re: New seller, need advice...

Post by N9LCD » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:13 am

FIRST: Foreigners DO NOT use words the same way we do. My wife is from the Philippines. After 32 YEARS I'm still getting used to her use of English.

SECOND: I see NO mention of payment in your communications. Maybe he intends to pay by wire transfer into your account.

THIRD: Many foreign hams have gear sent to a relative in the States for trans-shipment overseas. It's cheaper than direct shipment.


Email your buyer and ask him how he will pay you. You want him to BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE

Ask your buyer for his phone number; REMEMBER THE TIME DIFFERENCE!!!

Talk to your bank; ask them if the proposed payment CAN NOT be reversed or retracted!



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