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Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:17 pm
by kg8lb
It seems perhaps not everyone is reading the "Safe Trading Tips" so I am posting this warning here .

Be aware there are some pretty elaborate fraud artists here abouts . NEVER pay by way of bank transfer ! Also beware of Yahoo or Google type email adresses . I ALWAYS use my as listed here on QTH as well as at QRZ . I have a listed home phone number and I post my cell number as needed . For the record it is 586 822 1157 . Anyone else with any different contact info is a FRAUD plain and simple . I usually offer PICK UP ONLY for major items and prefer Paypal as it helps protect the buyer .
Furthermore avoid tranfering money to the TCF account for a "Account Name:- Merkeas D. Brown"

It seems a fellow QTH member has not followed the cautions here and is now working on getting his funds returned .