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Post by N5TEN » Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:49 am

THESE ARE IDENTITY THIEVES: ROGER A HOUSE Wb8fvo@hotmail and Dylan T Appleman <>. Notice the Hotmail accounts and middle initials used? They copy and paste from QRZ and then use the call sign in Hotmail to scam us here.

The real Roger A House seems to be an honest guy who uses an AOL email address. I spoke with him on the phone tonight. He had no idea this was going on.

By the way, this jerk who stole Roger's call sign to scam me, also tried to scam another ham and almost succeeded if it hadn't been for Paypal and his quick suspicion.

BE careful of anyone using a hotmail account and using all caps in the name or middle initials in their email identifiers. Those alone aren't red flags, but put them altogether and you have a problem.

I also received another response to my want ad from this guy: Dylan T Appleman <>. I think it's another scammer or the same scammer using another pic and address/name. Notice the Hotmail account. The real Dylan Appleman also does not have his email address listed on QRZ. I haven't tracked him down yet to speak on the phone and let him know. If anybody knows the real Dylan, please make him aware of the criminal using his call sign.

We should all get our scammer experiences together and as a group go to the Feds with our individual criminal complaints. These are across state lines and involve federal crimes on identity theft over the internet which fall under the Patriot Act. Obviously, we are being targeted here.

These scammers are using fake email addresses from hams who don't have emails posted on QRZ or publicly.

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