Someone Using KI6MPJ Running K3 Scam

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Someone Using KI6MPJ Running K3 Scam

Post by AE3RT » Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:24 am

Hello All,

There was what appeared to be a scam running on

"Listing Number: 1055778
Date Ad was Placed: 03/27/13
Name: James
Phone Number: E-MAIL ONLY
Callsign: KI6MPJ
Category: RADIOHF
Heading: FS: Elecraft K3/100 & P3 Scope
Ad Message:
For Sale: Loaded Elecraft K3 and P3 panadapter with many options
including the second receiver and antenna tuner. It was a kit but expertly
assembled and it works and looks great.
Below is the complete list of options included:
K3/100 - 100w Transceiver
KAT3- antenna tuner
KDVR3 - digital voice recorder
KRX3- second receiver
MH2 - Hand Mic
P3- Panadapter
KBPF3 - gen coverage bandpass filter
KXV3A - K3 rx ant,IF out, Xvtr interface
KFL3A-500 - 500hz cw filter
KFL3A-6K - 6khz AM filter
KFL3B-FM - 13 khz FM filter
I will sell the package for $2250 shipped.
Postal Money order only or possibly Paypal with fees.
PLEASE NO TRADES WANTED...selling to purchase another new radio.

This is about $5250 from Elecraft being sold for $2250. I sent an email and
asked for pictures and some additional information. The pictures I received
clearly showed that the radio did not have the KXV3A (kind of obvious with a
blank cover and 6 BNCs missing). Also no picture of the P3 which would have
required the above option to work.

Additionally, the pictures sent to me were taken from a listing on ebay. Ebay
item number 111037852107. The supposed KI6MPJ even sent the full serial number
(4835) which makes me ask even more questions since the ebay lister blanked out
the last two digits in the picture that shows it clearly?

He never responded to my second e-mail when I noted that the radio was missing
the transverter/if output option board in the pictures he sent and asked why
there was no pictures of the P3. I also asked him why he was selling a $5300
radio for $2250. The listing mysteriously disappeared right after this on eham.

Sorry for the long post, but just thought it might help someone, if the listing
is posted again, or under a different call.

Thanks and 73,

Roger (AE3RT)

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Re: Someone Using KI6MPJ Running K3 Scam

Post by AE3RT » Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:32 pm

Hello All,

I did find out from the e-bay seller that the serial number that the scammer used was not the correct one.


Roger (AE3RT)

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