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Deadbeat/Scammer Buyers

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:15 pm
by w0bkr
Maybe I am the only one, but as of late, like in the past 3 months I have encountered no less than 2 deadbeats or scammers when selling an item and I don't sell that much stuff. Recently, I posted a radio for sale. A KF5OFW contacts me and tells me "I will take it". He further stated he is out of town and will be back that weekend to get it (lives within 100 miles of me). I tell him, okay, no problem, I can hold it for him (likely doesn't even have the money to begin with and is hoping by some miracle the money will appear before then - who knows).

Well, you know the rest. I have to prompt him the following week about being available to pick it up, and states got hung up, etc.,etc. Right away, I know the story. It will be one lie after the other, one excuse or another. No big deal. I never ever ship or send something to someone until I HAVE A CLEARED PAYMENT. Period. So, I am already suspecting a deadbeat or a scammer, thinking perhaps I will send the item to him and just get the payment when he is available. Uh, no.

Well, you guessed it. I have to prompt this guy with emails every few days, more "excuses", etc. and finally, after 3 weeks, I re-posted the item and sold it to a deserving individual.

The red flag is always this for me. A REAL honest person, with character and integrity will likely contact me, give me a phone number, will follow up with a note that a payment was send, when, where and how, etc. Then follow up with "did I receive the payment, etc.".

With this individual and who knows, maybe someone hijacked his callsign and when they understood I was within driving distance, they shut down, who knows, but either way, it smelled really fishy after the first excuse.

Caution if you see this callsign advertising or offering to buy something.

And as always, NEVER SEND ANYTHING without a cleared payment. The Buyer, if honest, will be willing to wait for the item understanding the amount of scamming, ripoff artists out there, etc for the Seller to verify the payment. I prefer USPS money orders, even though a bit more work to get (i.e. standing in line) has more authorities that will seek out fraud then a generic money order.

So beware of this call, could be okay, could just be a deadbeat but nevertheless, after 6 plus emails after the 3 week period, silence, I think a fairly intelligent individual can see what may be going on here. I am not out of any equipment or money, why? Because I exercised caution!

Re: Deadbeat/Scammer Buyers

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:29 pm
by w0bkr
Just saw another post from this guy, the same one that never produced the funds on my transaction. Beware..could be a scammer or legit.