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Post by w0bkr » Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:15 am

I recently had a less than $100 item for sale on another website (that for odd reasons, has a lot of scamming activity and high jacking of calls it seems). A KD8 (if need the full call I can post it) answered offering to buy the item. I said okay send me a USPS MO. Week plus goes by and nothing. I send an email, hey, stil holding the item and haven't seen anything yet. No response. Three more days go by, I send basically the same thing. Get a response, "stamp came off the envelope, USPS returned it (okay, but these peel and stick stamps stick like glue, never had one come off, only had it stick to something it made contact with I didn't want it to). So, states, "can next day it" and I stated, just regulare priority mail is okay, don't waste the expense. Another week and a half go by. Nothing again. Emailed, hey, nothing in the mail yet FYI. No response. Sent another on the 14th of this month, get a response back, "got the item, thanks". Hmmm. That is odd, as I never sent it as I never got paid for it (never really expected to either).

I stated same. Comes back oh sorry, got my emails crossed. I got another one somewhere else.

Not surprised that the funds never came after the "dog ate my homework story". But, got to admit, mailed it once, it came back and then stated mailed it again, but where did that go? Odd.

Anyway, guy either is trying to get me to send something without first getting the payment using the BS stories as excuses, when he finds I don't take the bait, comes up with the story bought something else, somewhere else. Whatever. Never did truly anticipate seeing the payment after the lack of sincere follow up, "hey, did you get my money order...when do you think you might be sending it", etc. No seller I know or have met is lack back once they send money.

Anyway, could be a highjacked call/email or just a loser trying to scam someone who is trusting and sends something ahead of receiving a payment.

Reminder folks. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER send anything until you have the payment verified (ie. clears the bank, verify it is legit, etc.) before you send/ship anything $10 or $1000. Don't take the bait.

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