its now a business THEN a hobby

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its now a business THEN a hobby

Post by n2gbt » Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:09 am

Unfortunately this has turned into a business- with the hobby part 2nd. I buy and sell alot of radios etc- not because I run a business- because ebay, qth etc has offered me a means to try a rig at pricing less then new- and then have the ability to sell it and hopfully break even- maybe make a profit- or worst case loose a few bucks. Many hams are horsetraders- its part of the hobby- and its an enjoyable part provided you dont screw your fellow ham.

Theres alot of people that do this for a living- and the intentions of the ham offering up a radio at a bargain price goes by the wayside to the ham or individual who turns around and resells the item for a profit.

Then again- there are radios that bring incredible prices compared to their cost- go buy a TS850 with DSP100 or a 950 SDX--

All things considered- I still prefer to deal here on QTH and I am not embarrased to make an offer I feel is fair-- and find no insult in accepting the same offers. Its the way the world is-

Sorry- was just in the mood to type tonight

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