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Post by w9dp » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:41 am

What exactly does New In Box mean?

Evidently it really means we used it for a while and don't want it any more, so I will sell it as new for new price.

I can't believe the people that will tell you the article they have for sale is "NIB, only 20 hours if running time".

Last I knew, you had to take things out of the box to turn them on. 20 hours sound like it was used to me as well.

Come on guys, get real. New In Box means just that, you have not taken it out of the box for ANY reason. Anything else is used.

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Definition of NEW from

Post by K4ICL » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:57 am

Should be in factory sealed box. -- Equipment must still be in a factory sealed shipping container or carton, if originally provided by the manufacturer, and must have never been sold or used in any way.

Should have original user manual and other furnished components. -- A new original user’s manual (not a copy), the original interconnecting cables and all other original manufacturer-supplied parts must be included, if originally furnished by manufacturer.

Should not have been a demonstrator. -- A vendor’s stock item that has been used for demonstrations or customer evaluation does not qualify but may qualify for LIKE NEW rating.

Should not have been repaired. -- A vendor’s item that has sold and, returned defective, thence repaired and resold does not qualify.

Should not have been refurbished. -- Equipment sold by an authorized manufacturer vendor or sales agent that is classified as "New-Refurbished" does not qualify.

Should not have been sold before. -- Once an item is sold to the initial customer, it does not qualify, even if it is still in factory sealed carton.

Should include any warranty. -- Should include any OEM provided warranty and related documentation

Smoke Residue -- Any smoke residue disqualifies for this grade.

If homebrew or kit-built, should not have used or have been sold. -- To be considered NEW, homebrew equipment should be in the control and domain of the original builder (the equipment manufacturer), should not have been previously sold, and should have never been put into service by the builder or another. To be considered NEW, kit-built equipment must still be in its complete kit form.

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Post by wx1f » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:41 pm

Also means all the factory seals are unbroken and still in place. Not steamed off and retaped back on!

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