Deleting DEAD Adverts & keeping ads current

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Deleting DEAD Adverts & keeping ads current

Post by VK4SX » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:33 pm

Shame the guys placing adverts do not take the 3 secs to remove the ad if it has sold, not selling, broken, lost etc, quite deflating to reply to an advert , and NOT even receive a reply, just plain ignorant on the sellers part, Ok , the item has been sold, why not remove it from the listing ?

an International ham like myself, scans the adverts, tries to comply with the sellers wishe's, CONUS ONLY, US ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL SALES ETC ETC,

locates an advert that falls into a category that appears to suit everyone, , trying all the time not to offend the person placing the advert,

only to NOT receive a reply full stop, or Sorry, SOLD days ago,
then to see the same advert still being cycled 4 days later.
sure must waste some bandwidth, and peoples time.
things are tough all over, not just in USA. we need to rub shoulders, not scatter chopped horse hair.

Dennis vk4sx

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Old adds

Post by kd8mrd » Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:48 pm

I totally agree, waste of time.
I run into this every week.
A real pain.

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