LISTING ITEMS @ "RETAIL" PRICES...Just my 2 cents.

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LISTING ITEMS @ "RETAIL" PRICES...Just my 2 cents.

Post by KB3RPE » Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:38 pm

I am not "picking" on anyone in particular...but there are constant ads on QTH (and elsewhere) listing radios at or about the actual "retail" price shipped free from retailer....I've even seen 1 or 2 ABOVE any retail I could find @ AES, HRO,UNIVERSAL-RADIO , etc, etc....

Are there just a bunch of "stubborn" OM's out there who can't part with the "new in box" or "like new" or "Just taken out to test" rig for almost retail, Hi Hi, ....If so IMHO DON'T list it...... not a SLAM to anyone......I believe it's just a waste of time and a disservice to QTH and the Ham community for those listing items to not do their "homework", it "clogs" the sites wastes the Buyers and frankly the Sellers time too.

YES I KNOW, you have a right to list at whatever price you see fit, just as I have a right to comment on it.... as others have stated over time, "negotiate", but there needs to be a "reasonable" starting point ..I tend to like a little "discussion" but don't have time to get into "protracted negotiations" after all it's just a "box full of Tubes" HiHi, and of course, there's the risk of "hurting the Sellers feelings", just to buy an item readily available at a "store" for just "a bit more"....

As I said I'm not slamming anyone, I just hope next time I & others look for a rig it can be found at a "reasonable" price or I hope most logical, prudent people will just spend an extra couple bucks and buy NEW from Retailer with absolute certainty it has all docs, accessories, no warranty issues, return, service issues etc ........I'm not suggesting there are "unscrupulous" HAMs out there either ....OK ...YES I AM...But That's an other issue.....

I was going to give a specific example here, but felt it might be taken "personally" by a HAM or 10, HiHi, so I'll "rest my case" and leave it to the Ham Community to decide on what to list, for how much and what to buy @ what cost... As I'm sure the "debate" will "rage" for years to come.......

73 all & Happy "Bargain" Hunting...... :roll:

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Post by KC5BIE » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:56 pm

While I'm not a frequent poster to the ham sites, I frequent the forums and buy on occasion from several. I agree with the sentiment of the OP. It's as if folks are discounting based upon prices they personally paid for an item 5 years ago without looking around at the going rates for similarly aged equipment or even checking out the retail stores. I recently looked at ICOM Pro III's which are going for about 1800-2200 here and there (with practically nothing else included). Looking at HRO, the things are going for 2299.95 including free power supply and shipping. Frankly, I don't mind paying a "little extra" (300-400) for a new radio with full factory warranty and (hopefully) free of mods and issues.

I'm no retailer or trader, but I start thinking good prices are in the 50-70% of current, new price (unless something is in high-demand or is a collector's item), and you'd better include pretty much all the stuff that came with the retail sale. What on earth happens to all those factory mics that are almost never included?

As already stated by RPE, yep... you can charge whatever you want, but don't then be too irritated when folks try to bargain or negotiate.

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Post by N9LCD » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:45 am

You can ask whatever you want, but don't be shocked when nobody bothers to call or email!



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High used pricing....

Post by wx1f » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:26 am

I laugh out loud when I see the pricing on used gear ! For example, I paid $65 for my Astron RS-35M. And yet I see someone is asking $125 for a used one in the ads. LOL !!!

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Post by kg8lb » Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:52 pm

Then there are the folks who list items right here at prices far above the actual selling prices of similar items on Ebay ! What's up with that ?
For all the Ebashers here, there are plenty who will offer at Ebay prices and beyond .Even for items in far worse condition.

I just saw a Johnson VFO listed right here on QTH that was identical to one that had supposedly sold on ebay just a few days before. It was offered by the same individual and in fact the QTH listing used the same photo as the ebay ad. Funny thing. It had "SOLD" on ebay for around $90 but the listing here, for the same pictured item was well over $100 ....WELL OVER !
So...did it REALLY sell on Ebay or was it a shill bid to bump up the price and when there were no followup bids the Ebayer had to list here ....? Sure looks that way to some folks.
The deals are where you find them... many of the same people who sell on ebay sell right here. The venue does not alter the people you are dealing with but it may limit their behaviour.

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