what the heck does this mean

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Post by KC0UKR » Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:49 pm

I sell my items by stating "This unit is AS-IS described so please ask questions before buying."

This means exactly what it says,no more,no less.

So far I have avoided any problems by being fairly detailed and honest with my descriptions.

I also insist on a short phone call before doing any deal,no exceptions!

I can usually tell in short order if the particular idiot I am speaking with will be a problem or not.

Not a lot of work but it saves me a lot of grief.

Problems with Packing and Shipping are a whole other matter to say the least.


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Post by shaggy_24740 » Sun May 31, 2009 12:52 am

N9LCD wrote:"GUARANTEED NOT DOA": Does the seller really mean that, if the carrier smashes the rig and won't make good on the insurance claim, he'll reimburse the buyer for his loss? That's way I read it.

"BUT SOLD AS IS": Maybe he's saying that the rig works but there may be problems that he doesn't know anything about.

I've said "USED. OPERATIONAL BUT NOT TO SPECIFICATIONS" meaning that "The rig works but you're NOT getting NIB specifications".


I take it to mean it will turn on when you get it, and thats it. DOA means it won't turn on,,I guess you have to concider the scorce.. If Radio Mart sold it I'd run as fast as I can to get off the site. Heck lots of his Like new in the box has been reported dead LMBO. :P
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Post by n9emz » Sun May 31, 2009 3:12 am

The way I interpret it is, if it says "As Is" anywhere in the description, the item's going to be mine if I purchase it. I don't pay any attention to "Will not arrive DOA" or any other such terms. I offer what I'm willing to pay for it....if I get it I consider it a done deal. Period. No problems.

When I sell something, I don't care if it's parts, junk, whatever, I guarantee it without question. If the buyer is dissatisfied for any reason, they just send it back to me and I refund all money spent....including shipping costs both ways, any fees involved in the transaction, whatever. I communicate with buyers and sellers such that everyone has a clear understanding before the deal is done.

That's the way I've always played it and always will. Life's too short to create or suffer ill will over anything as trivial as a piece of communications equipment.....COMMUNICATE!!!!!

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Post by kg8lb » Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:39 pm

N9LCD wrote:Is the expression "AS IS" ambiguous?


Think "Context dependent"
No not in and of itself. Ambiguity comes from the statements that accompany the "As-Is". The uncertainty of meaning . Demonstrated in this thread by the multiple interpretations. Some people place weight on the description while others put 100% on the "As-Is" The meaning of the entire ad is very uncertain, hence an ambiguity exists.

This is the reason most courts decide disputes against the author of an ambiguous agreement . Paypal usually holds the seller to his basic description when the "As-Is" stuff crops up. "As-Is" does not, should not trump the other stated elements of the description. "

"Clarification/Communication" ?
Clarification defeats the purpose of the "As-Is" for the would be scammer!
All too often people will lie through their teeth if you ask for clarification before the deal. If you get the clarification VIA a phone call, it is just "verbal". Taping a phone call has different levels of legality in many states so beware of that practice. Try instead to get an email so you have some form of hard copy.

Better to deal with the people who give accurate descriptions of the known issues. The people who take clear, well exposed photos. Close ups of blemishes etc. They rarely feel the need to add "As-Is". Be very careful when "As-Is" is included after a glowing description of an item .

About the only time I consider buying As-Is would be in situations where the flaws are openly exposed,the seller admits not being able to test , is selling an item he knows nothing about or is just plain offering a parts rig etc. So long as everything that was in the photo or description is present when the item arrives, all is well.

I personally have never used the term when selling. If it doesn't work I guarantee it won't work. Otherwise it will arrive safe, sound every bit as described or your money will be refunded.

Honest people are indeed cheated every day by dishonest people.Honest people often have little experience in dealing over distances with individuals they know little about. Very unkind to imply that so many of the people who have indeed been shortchanged by unsavory dealers right here @QTH and elsewhere are not honest. In fact very likey it is at least as hard to cheat a thief. Truisms are rarely true.

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Post by WB8CAC » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:12 pm

Kind of reminds me of ads that claim "worked last time I used it." They usually don't mention that they havn't "used it" since the lightning strike or the flood.

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