Viruses and trojans.

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Viruses and trojans.

Post by kc4wms » Fri Apr 11, 2008 9:23 pm

I have been on the nets since since 1990 so trust me I know what I'm saying. I have had an email account on gmail for some time and NEVER a single spam, that is until I contacted a few users here on this site.

I implore you folks to take a few minits and do some maintenance on your pcs.

Yes you *may* have Nortons or some other antivirus but it doesn't stop email trojans.

I suggest you google avast , it's FREE on a yearly basis and keeps trojans out of your box, unlike Semantics software that merely quarentees them so they can reinfect you later.

it updates every time you connect or as new trojans or virus are found. so do yourself and others a favor and Please do maintenance on that pc.

73 and keep those boxes clean ;o)
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