Should there be a separation of men and boys?

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Should there be a separation of men and boys?

Post by N8PQB » Sun Feb 18, 2007 4:30 pm

I don't know how to run a site like this, and certainly commend Scott for his outstanding dedication and endless efforts.
But....... Would it be wonderful if there was a way to separate the dealers from the average guy? I used to think it was pretty easy to spot the dealers, but they are getting smarter on hiding their businesses.
So if we had a special place for all the dealers to list their "wares", then those of us that like to buy, trade, and "wheel -N - deal" with regular hams would know who they are.
Probably not possible to have that here, but what the hay, a guy can wish upon a star, and wonder where we are.

73 to all,
Tom, N8PQB

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Men and boys

Post by kc6vlg » Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:35 am

What is the real reason why anyone of us would go to sites such as QTH? To buy and sell second hand stuff. Anyone disagree with that?

So then what is the difference between buying and selling to and from a dealer vs. non-dealer? Who cares what the guy did with his profit?

Dealers have a reputation they need to maintain or they won't be able to sell anything. A casual seller can care less about his image. A good example is a HAM in Florida who specialized in Kenwood TS430. We all saw his ads and prices are real decent, sometime even lower than casual sellers. Now I don't think he is making a living with his profit but he does list often enough to fit the profile of a "dealer" according to many of you. So when my TS430 start acting up and I need parts, I go to him and when I want to unload my no longer needed TS430 stuff, I go to him. Can you do that with casual sellers? I don't think so.

IMHO a lot of you guys who complaint about "dealers" taking over the ads are whining just to be heard. The fact is when the price is right, I bet you would care less whether the seller is a dealer or not. I got a suggestion for you..... use the "MON" button on your radio next time you want to hear yourself whining, it works.

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Post by K4ICL » Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:54 am

Would it be wonderful if there was a way to separate the dealers from the average guy?
Why? Aren't they alike? Or have I missed something.


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