Prices! RF Exposure Induced?

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Post by ab7jk » Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:39 am

I totally agree - everything on this site is overpriced. A Corsair I for $425. A corsair II for $600. I bought a Corsair II locally about four years ago for $200.
Some of you say if your are lazy or stupid enough to pay too much for something then you deserve what you get.

If you use that for justification you are really a scumbag and you will destroy yourself just like Madeoff and other creeps like him. Everything comes out in the wash and everything you do in this life will come back to get you. There is a perfect justice - you just never know when it's just around the corner.


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Post by VE3CRO » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:30 pm

Recently a new young ham had a problem with what was a top of the line tranceiver fifteen years ago that he bought used after scrimping and saving for a long time. Intermittent transmit. An older ham of my acquaintance talked him into trading it for a beat up old triband beam and a rusty old tower. $400.00 bucks max worth of junk. As it turned out there was a bad connection in the mic. "Buddy" is still bragging about what a great deal he got. Proffited by more than $800.00 . He takes great pride in his ability as a "trader".

Although I don't know the new guy very well I felt so bad for him and was so disgusted with his introduction to the "ham fraterinty" that I loaned him my backup rig.

I really don't understand this "me first and screw the other guy if he suffers from -stupidity,laziness and culpability- attitude". I can't bring myself to take advantage and profit from anothers lack of knowledge, experience or ability and don't at all fathom how people that do can think that somehow this makes them better. To me it is akin to an adult conning a school kid out of their lunch money and better suits a fly by night used car dealership than a ham buy/sell forum.

There is no difference between lack of disclosure and lying...and not telling a buyer he can buy the same item chaper somewhere else (or in the example sited above explaining how easy the problem is to fix) is lack of disclosure and ergo dishonest, digusting, selfserving, greedy and just plain mean.

And thats my .0009 cents worth.

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