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Unthoughtful Sellers.

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 2:05 pm
by Bear
Hello All,
It is a shame that folks will list items and then just disappear ! One would think if they sold the item they would be responsible enough to remove the item or after listing a item at least check their emails once a week to see if they have had a response to their listings !
I have in the past two weeks contacted three different sellers who have items listed here, not a one has responded even after being contacted twice. There is no excuse for this ! If the owner of this site is nice enough to give us a free forum to sell and swap our items we use in our Hobby then one would think they would be appreciative enough to either respond, or remove their listings. It creates a overload of ads to sort through and a inconvenience to us the people who are seeking items we need. I would not blame the site owner if he wiped every advertisement clean on a set day and have everyone relist their items new. On here if you have not sold a item within a week it is doubtful you will sell it . Please folks be responsible adults and keep up with your listings or we may one day find we have no where to list these things except "RIP OFF BAY" !!!