W9DCS - Possible Scammer - Possible Hi -Jacked Call

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W9DCS - Possible Scammer - Possible Hi -Jacked Call

Post by w0bkr » Tue May 07, 2013 3:44 pm

I ran into this individual on QRZ (at least the callsign) offering me funds for my item I had listed, which was slightly above what I posted it for. Then requested I go ahead and send the item, and he was good for the funds, just ask W6.. (which I didn't bother). In another email, told me the funds had been sent, I had indicated I might ship ahead of the fund receipt. Well, obviously, I don't really do that. Of course, the funds never showed up. Emails stopped. So who knows. I don't waste my time investigating this stuff, I figure either a scammer, rip off artist or dead beat buyer and move on.

Anyway, he is now listing an item on QTH. So beware. Could be legit, but I won't bother, even if I were interested.

GL in all your transactions!

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Re: W9DCS - Possible Scammer - Possible Hi -Jacked Call

Post by wz3o » Fri May 31, 2013 12:42 pm

Great advice I NEVER ship before funds are converted into cash in hand. I tell them I'm good on QRZ & let them do (or not) their thing, money ...then ship...And I've never had anyone offer more than listed...red flag there, a Ham that's not cheep :lol:

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