need suggestion for adding more photos

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need suggestion for adding more photos

Post by k7kw » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:06 pm

I occasionally post or buy things here, and an issue I run into is the need to post more photos. So the browsing buyer can read the whole ad and see the pictures without having to ask for more photos. I would like for him/her to have all the information on the first pass.
So I understand that adding more images to the swap board can bog it down.
Some sellers put links to other sites where they have already posted more details like photos. I like this.
--> Do you have a suggestion for a simple site with a simple way to post these pictures?
When I have something for sale, I don't want to prevent "tire-kickers" or others from checking out my goods. Starting a sale with an insult or other hurdles isn't a great idea.
Doug k7kw

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Re: need suggestion for adding more photos

Post by k2cz » Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:15 pm

One thing you can do is create an account at Doing so you create a blog--- like Where you then can post pictures. I am not sure if there is a learning curve for sole stuff but this gives you the option of using this as a ham radio website. With some added learning --- it is easy --- you can create separate web pages ---without knowing HTML--- and add those web pages to your site.

Another choice on similar lines is

A third choice is to post pictures to any of the photo sharing sites like flicker. (You need an account there also)

I have a URL and pay for hosting (qth. Com will gladly host your site)
I am not familiar with qth com site capabilities but the provider I lease a server from includes different aps that I can load and configure. I host several sites on my server and will gladly host any hams web URL and provide him or her with a Wordpress platform for them to host their site --- at my cost.

My site is simple as I just post pictures of the stuff I am selling right now

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