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I'd like to say something, without stepping on anyone's toes

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:56 am
by W3RXO
I am not privy, to the inner goings on, with QTH, and I could speculate, from now, until Kingdom come. But, I will not do that
I just wanted to get off my chest, that it is a travesty, that there must have been some impetus, for the feedback forum, to have been discontinued. I don't know the reason. I don't really care what that reason was. I believe something got out of hand, and forced Scott's hand, to have to close the forum. If there was a person, or persons, who did something to force his hand, I hope you are happy. You just forced the BEST opportunity, for the rest of us, to have a fair idea of whom we are dealing with, when selling or buying, here on QTH. I cannot believe Scott did this, arbitrarily. There must have been some impetus.
This is the best way for those of us, who buy and sell, here, to have a fair idea of what the character of the person, with whom we are dealing, is. And you just negated this, by some stupid action. Again, I can speculate, until the cows come home, about what caused this, but I won't. It is not difficult to figure out that something CAUSED Scott, to pull the forum.
This forum was responsible for me airing my grievances with someone, and finally getting satisfaction, after more than 4 years. But the matter is settled, and I am thankful, to Scott, for having the opportunity, to publicly air those grievances, and get some resolution. But, now, with it shut down, there is no opportunity for such resolutions, to occur.
Scott, thanks, for what you do and have done. I hope that one day, you will find a way to bring back the feedback forum.[/b]