Read the classified ads!

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Read the classified ads!

Post by ni4z » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:57 pm

I read the classified ads whenever possible from beginning to end. It's ssort of like reading the sports page in the newspaper. Sometimes I have items for sale and sometimes I am looking for an item.

I have an observation that most hams do not read the ads. I see a for sale ad and several lines down a want for the same item that is being sold. I realize reading each ad is time consuming, but there is, after all a search feature that works extremely well.

After seeing two hams (one want and one for sale) post their ads for several days, I sent the for sale ad to the ham with the want. It took a few emails to convince him I did not have the item he wanted but was just trying to get the two of them together.

This practice is taking up Scott's bandwidth. If you are looking for something, be courteous and do a search. If you are selling something do a search and see if there is a want. It may save you a bunch of trouble and will certainly help Scott in the long run.

de NI4Z

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