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Just Sayin'

Post by W9LCL » Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:28 pm

I've made a lot of great deals on QTH, but recently I've been spending more time checking my e-mail than I am on the air. Made a couple of offers over the last week. No response from he sellers even after follow up. No yes, no, or go to h###. It's OK if another ham beats me to the punch, but I'd really like to know. Even reposting the ad with "SOLD TO--" or "SOLD PENDING FUNDS" would get the message out when dozens of hams have made an offer. Not asking for a personal reply.

A lot of my contacts have gone out of their way to offer advice on projects I have and to share information on things they working on.

I will be a good buyer. I promise to confirm that a item is available, what means of payment is acceptable to the seller, and all shipping details. I too will make sure that I respond promptly to any seller iquiries. And I promise to pay quickly and as accurately as possible, to correct any errors at once, and to always leave positive feedback when deserved.

To all of the hams who have kept in touch, whether we made a deal or not, TNX and 73.

Now I think I will have a glass of warm milk and lie down. . .


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